Ozone Disinfection (Microplasma Technology)

Microplasma Technology for Ozone Disinfection

Ozone, a molecule comprising three oxygen atoms, is aggressive against microscopic pathogens
in water that are resistant to conventional disinfectants.

FC-Ozone Generator offer microplasma technology which greatly reduces cost and weight.
Extensive tests show the generators to be as efficient as the best conventional systems available
but with a 10x reduction in size and weight.

Ozone systems that are efficient, robust and more than a factor of ten, smaller in weight and volume than any other conventional technology.

Eliminates the use of chlorine and other toxic chemicals that are widespread in drinking water, laundries, cooling towers and other disinfection systems.

Ozone is increasingly replacing chlorine-based products for disinfection applications, not only because of the extraordinary power of ozone in destroying micropathogens, but also due to the adverse impact of chlorine on the environment and water resources, in particular.


✓  Low Temperature Plasma
✓  Scale of few microns to sub-mm (Microfabricated structure)
✓  Energy Efficient Excitation of Any Gas Species or Molecules
✓  Compact, Modular Configuration of Microplasma Chips (Massively Parallel Ozone Production)


✓  Strongest Disinfectant, Cleaning Agent Available Commercially
✓  Effective Dissociation of Organic Compounds (Cleaning)
✓  Strong Deodoration and Decoloration

MP1 Series

Ambient Air Feed, Versatile Microplasma Ozone Generator

✓  Light Weight (700 grams) and Portable
✓  Stable Ozone Production of 0.3 grams/hr (with Single Microplasma Chip)
✓  Miniature Air Compressor Built-In
✓  Low Power Consumption (~ 15 W)
✓  DC 12 V Power Feed and Solar Panel Compatible
✓  Option of Digital Timer and External Sensors Interface (1003, 1001s)
✓  Ideal for Air Feed Application and Small Scale Point of Use Applications
✓  CE Certified

Compact, Multi-Function Microplasma Ozone Generators

MP1 Series
Item Code Description
1001 Ambient Air Feed, Microplasma Ozone Generator
1001a 1001 Model with External Air Intake Port for Dry Air Filter
1001s 1001 Model with Sensor (Pure Sense) tuning capability
1002 Oxygen Feed Model (up to 20 psi), > 1g/hr O3
1003 Pure 1001(a) Model with Digital Timer Function
MP Demo Ozone Demonstration and Demand Check Kit
PureLife Solar Powered (rechargeable) Microplasma Ozone Kit
Single Chip Module Air/Oxygen Feed Single Microplasma Chip Module
Dual Chips Module Air/Oxygen Feed Dual Microplasma Chips Module

Ozone Disinfection (Microplasma Technology)