Cooling Tower Management System

Cooling Tower Management System

Cooling Tower Management System CTMS/Cooling Tower Water Treatment. The first integrated system to solve all cooling tower problems in an environmentally friendly way. It is designed to fully maintain and treat your cooling water to increase the performance and cost effectiveness of the cooling water system.

As an owner of cooling tower water treatment, you are probably aware of the obvious signs of scale build-up, the growth of algae, the corrosion and pitting throughout the tower and chiller system. Until recently, the options have been limited; they are often less effective and proven unsatisfactory. The main alternatives have been chemical injections, which are costly and still requires cooling tower owners to pay monthly maintenance to keep the tower clean.

Cooling Tower Management System CTMS/Cooling Tower Water Treatment does not try to solve the symptoms of the problems, but remove the CAUSE of the problems with the complete tower management system by reducing the addition of chemicals or eliminate the use of chemicals completely.

  1. FoulingCTMS© continuously filter water which will remove all floating and oxidized elements, keeping water clear and clean all the time
  2. Legionella prevention
    Our F.E.D disinfection unit produces effective disinfectants that will destroy all known pathogens and bacteria including Legionella pneumophilla
  3. Chemicals
    By incorporating F.E.D water electrolysis technology coupled with an integrated filtration system, chemicals are no longer needed. Depending on the wame-up water quality, it is possible to achieve 100% reduction of chemicals.
  4. Real Time Monitoring
    This allow maintenance personnel to focus on diagnosing and correcting equipment problems rather than spending precious time collecting condition monitoring data
  5. Going Green
    CTMS© provide a practical solution to eliminate 100% of chemical usage and enhance the corporate social responsibility (CSR). CTMS© is capable of achieving CoC > 7, thus will be of great assistance for buildings going for green building/green mark certification.



Legionella is a group of bacteria which, if inhaled, cause Legionaires Disease. Legionaires Disease is proven to be fatal in 10-15% of cases.

• Aron Tyes, United Kingdom
• Proviron Industries, Belguim
• Toyota Manufacturing, South Africa
• Sheraton Hotel, Riyadh
• Pokka Coporation, Singapore

Cooling Tower Management System