PetroLiminator OWS (Oily Water Separator)



The PetroLiminator M Series bilge water treatment system easily handles phase-separated oil, emulsified oil and water. The system consistently achieves effluent concentrations of < 5 ppm oil.

This automated bio-mechanical bilge water treatment system is safe, reliable, and simple to use.

Unlike conventional oil water separators, the PetroLiminator actually destroys oil and grease using naturally occurring microbes, whether the emulsion is caused by detergents or the ship’s operation.

• IMO, USCG, Transport Canada, ABS, DNV, EC MED (Marine EquipmentDirective) approved

• Oil-in-water contents consistently below 5 ppm
• Automatic heavy oil separation and removal
• Non-pressurized three-stage vessel
• PLC driven system and shipboard alarm interface
• Variable processing speed to set flow rates
• Designed to dampen surging and effect of ship's motion
• Continuous monitoring of hydrocarbons in effluent
• Temperature control for extreme environments
• Sludge / Heavy oil retention tank

• Cruise Ships
• Oil tankers
• Ferries
• Container Ships
• Offshore Platforms
• Ro-Ro’s
• And Many Other Ship Platforms

Technical Details
PL630M: MEPC.107(49), USCG 162.050/9049/0
PL400M: MEPC.107(49),
Testing Complete, Awaiting Certificate
PL200M: MEPC.107(49),
Testing Complete, Awaiting Certificate.
PL630: MEPC.60(33), USCG 162.050/1245/0
PL300: MEPC.60(33), USCG 162.050/1252/0
PL100: MEPC.60(33), USCG 162.050/1241/0
Continuous, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week
Marine epoxy-coated carbon steel w/ stainless steel piping complete system in stainless steel available on request
Oily Bilge Water
Water (overboard)
Trace amounts of Carbon Dioxide (to atmosphere)
Phase Separated Oil (to waste oil or reclamation tank)
Installation Requirements
Power Requirements
380 VAC 50 Hz three-phase or
460 VAC 60 Hz three-phase or
600 VAC 60 Hz three-phase
Other configurations available upon request
Influent Pump
Positive displacement (progressive cavity or peristaltic)
Maximum suction lift: 9m (27’)
Specific gravity up to 1.1
Effluent Pump
Centrifugal pump Discharge head typically 2 BAR (65') or sized for applications

Important: Specification are subject to change without notice

PetroLiminator OWS (Oily Water Separator)