Remote Control Valve



This system makes use of pressurized oil (typically 100 bar) from the Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) to operate the hydraulic actuator-valve assembly. Control signal from the Hull Control System (HCS) will first be directed to the solenoid cabinet where the low power 4/2-way directional control valve (DCV) and volumetric position indicator (Volumec) module are housed. Once the 4/2-way DCV is activated, pressurized oil will flow through the Volumec which will track the volume of oil flow to the actuator-valve assembly that is usually located deep inside the ballast tank. By tracking the direction and volume of the oil flow, the Volumec is able to consistently provide reliable valve closed or open signal to the HCS.

Our actuator-butterfly valve assembly is compact and reliable. This actuator-valve assembly are suitable for dry-deck or submerged installation. The rack -pinion hydraulic actuators come with a visible closed/open local indicator and an emergency port for manual hand-pump operation. These actuators can operate effectively even with hydraulic oil pressure as low as 100 bar.

1. Hydraulic Power Unit: 150L capacity HPU with 37 litres Accumulator and high pressure line filter. IABS certification included.

2. Solenoid Cabinet (IP44): Neat arrangement of components in the hydraulic and electrical compartments. Stainless steel fittings and ball valves. Using spring cage terminal blocks for positive electrical wire connection.

3. Solenoid Valve: Low-power and low leakage 4/2-way directional control valve (also called solenoid valve). The power rating for this solenoid valve is only 8W-24Vdc. This type of solenoid valve can even be operated directly by PLC without the need for interposing relay at all.  The solenoid valve also comes with a twist & lock device that will facilitate purging operation of hydraulic lines.

4. Volumec: Provides very reliable valve position indicator. It also ensures stability of valve at fully open position without being affected by fluctuations in hydraulic line pressure. Its position indicator sweeping over copper tracks on a FR4-PCB totally removes signal contact failures frequently encountered with designs using limit switches.

5. Emergency Control Block: Fully stainless steel inclusive of the quick coupling. Small and easy to install. It can also serve as a throttle valve to adjust the valve closing and opening speed. Maximum operating pressure: 205 bar

6. Actuator-Butterfly Valve Assembly: Compact and Reliable. Operates effectively with oil pressure as low as 100 bar.


  • Cruise Ships
  • Oil Tankers
  • Ferries
  • Container Ships
  • Offshore Platforms
  • Retrofit Projects
  • Ro-Ro’s
  • And Many Other Ship Platforms


To be customized.

Remote Control Valve