Ready Light System



This system provides a safe and reliable signalling protocol between all the pipe-laying stations and the control centre up in the wheel-house during a pipe-laying operation. Using large diameter LED lamps greatly improved visibility at the signalling panel. Heavy duty GRP control stations with pilot light indicators, selector switches and illuminated emergency stop pushbuttons are custom-made for this system. Display console at the wheel-house will include a cluster of LED annunciator window indicators, dip-switches to by-pass pipe-laying stations, ACK and Mute buttons to control the Horn and Buzzer, E-stop pushbutton, prominent indicating lamps for critical stations such as Diver in Water, NDT in progress, etc..

1. Main Control Panel which also houses the PLC.

2. Display Console at the control centre or wheel-house.

3. Control Stations (pipe laying station, diver in water station, NDT station).

4. Signalling panels on pipe laying deck.

5. Large LED (diameter 68mm) signalling lamps.

6. Electronic Flash/Multi-Tone Combination (Volume: up to 120dB; IP66).

Pipe laying vessels

To be discussed.

Ready Light System