Engine Fuel Oil

Bunker and Engine Fuel Oil Monitoring System


The system monitors the fuel consumption of individual engine. The flowmeters which have been installed at the fuel inlet and outlet pipe lines monitors the flowrate of the fuel in the pipelines, thus achieving real time fuel consumption of individual engine. The data captured will be logged in the control panel and transmitted out to the server once internet connection is established.

i) Remote access of vessel information through the world wide web using any PC, laptop, tablet and mobile phone.

ii) Plug and play modules to facilitate easy installation that can be carried out by any trained personnel onboard

iii) Installation of the FOMS can be carried out while the vessel is still underway.

iv) Remote troubleshooting of the FOMS can be carried out to shorten the turnaround time.

v) Standardised and customised solutions to suit customer's requirements

vi) Concise and easy-to-understand daily, weekly and monthly reports of the vessel’s fuel consumption created for the owners

vii) Low investment start-up cost.

• Cruise Ships
• Oil Tankers
• Ferries
• Container Ships
• Offshore Platforms
• Retrofit Projects
• Ro-Ro’s
• And Many Other Ship Platforms

To be customized.

Engine Fuel Oil