Ballast Remote Control



This system facilitates the filling, discharge and tank-to-tank transfer of ballast water using HMI panel. The overall layout of the ballast valve control system will be clearly displayed on the HMI panel. Opening and closing of pneumatic or electric operated valves, starting and stopping of ballast pumps will be fully automatic.

Ballast control system is usually linked to tank gauging system as it can share the tank sounding data from the tank gauging system.

1. Ballast Control Panel complete with HMI panel.

2. Pneumatic or electric actuated butterfly valves for controlling the flow of ballast water.

3. Tank level sensors in the ballast tanks (only for stand alone ballast control system)

4. Ballast Pump Starter Panel.

• Cruise Ships
• Oil Tankers
• Ferries
• Container Ships
• Offshore Platforms
• Retrofit Projects
• Ro-Ro’s
• And Many Other Ship Platforms

To be customized.

Ballast Remote Control