Alarm Monitoring



We offer two types of display in our alarm monitoring system package:

a) LED Annunciator Window Version

b) HMI Panel Version

Alarm monitoring system is widely used on vessels to monitor and display the onset of any incoming alarm from field instrument. Repeater panel can be implemented using Ethernet or RS485 Communication. HMI panel version provides additional features such as alarm groupings, alarm history list including print-out, conversion of NC / NO logic to suit field instruments, enable / disable beacon and siren, insert / delete of RESET function, changing of alarm time delay value, panel backlight level adjustment, and many more.

Water-tight Door Alarm System is usually incorporated into the alarm monitoring system. We also provide GRP relay boxes, proximity switches, flashing LED beacons for the water-tight door system.

Main components we can offer:

1. Main alarm monitoring panel.

2. Repeater panel with Ethernet or RS485 communication.

3. Flashing LED beacons (Diameter: 68mm; Current : 25mA at 230V~; IP65)

4. Electronic Multi-Tone Siren (Volume: up to 120 dB; IP66)

5. Electronic Flash/Multi-Tone Combination (Volume: up to 120dB; IP66)

6. Accessories for water-tight door system: GRP relay boxes; proximity switches, flashing LED beacons.

Alarm Monitoring