High Purity Pressure Transducer – Model 223



Setra’s Model 223 ultra-high purity pressure transducer is designed for the most demanding specialty gas monitoring and control applications, where construction integrity, purity and performance cannot be sacrificed.

The 223 has a small, streamlined sensor chamber for easy purgeability. The sensor is designed to provide superior mechanical and thermal stability, especially in transient temperature conditions resulting from flowing gases. Isolation of the sensing element from the pressure

In a typical Setra configuration, a compact housing contains two closely-spaced, parallel, electrically-isolated metallic surfaces, one of which is essentially a diaphragm capable of slight flexing under applied pressure. The diaphragm is constructed of low-hysteresis material such as 17-4 PH SS or a proprietary compound of fused glass and ceramic (Setraceramâ„¢). These firmly secured surfaces (or plates) are mounted so that a slight mechanical flexing of the assembly, caused by a minute change in applied pressure, alters the gap between them (creating, in effect, a variable capacitor). The resulting change in capacitance is detected by a sensitive linear comparator circuit (employing proprietary, custom-designed ASICs), which amplifies and outputs a proportional, high-level signal.


  • Superior stability avoids downtime
  • EMI/RFI immunity prevents false shutdown
  • Sturdy design allows trouble-free installations
  • Minimal torque effect
  • High burst pressure ratings
  • Easy purgeability
  • Meets CE conformance standards virtually insensitive to thermal transients in flow stream
    (Joule-thomson effect)
  • Virutally insensitive to thermal transients in fkiw stream (Joule-thompson eEffect)
  • High Purity Gas Delivery
  • Semiconductor Process Tools
  • Pharmaceutical & Biotech Process
  • Gas Cabinets
Technical Details
Accuracy RSS* (At Constant Temp.) ±0.25% FS or ±1.0% of Reading
Non-Linearity, BFSL ±0.15% FS
Hysteresis 0.20% FS
Non-Repeatability 0.02% FS
Thermal Effects**
Compensated Range °F(°C) +15 to +150 (-9 to +65)
Zero Shift %FS/100°F(50°C) 2.0 (1.8)
Span Shift %FS/100°F(50°C) 2.0 (1.8)
Warm-up Shift 0.1% FS Total
* RSS of Non-Linearity, Non-Repeatability and Hysteresis.
Environmental Data
Operating* °F (°C) -40 to +185 (-40 to +85)
Storage °F (°C) -40 to +185 (-40 to +85)
*Operating temperature limits of the electronics only. Pressure media temperatures may be considerably higher or lower.
Physical Description
Case Stainless Steel
Electrical Connection 6ft. Multiconductor Cable, or Bayonet Connector
Pressure Fittings Refer to the catalogue
Zero/Span Adjustments Side Access
Weight (Approx.) 5.6 ounces (160 grams)
Electrical Data (Voltage)
Circuit 3-Wire (Exc, Out, Com)
Excitation 10 to 30 VDC for 5V FSO
13 to 30 VDC for 10V FSO
Output* 0 to 5VDC or 0.2 to 5.2 VDC**
0 to 10VDC or 0.2 to 10.2 VDC**
Current Consumption <8 mA
*  Calibrated into a 50K ohm load, operable into a 5000 ohm load or greater.
**Zero output factory set to within ±25mV (for 5 VDC output) or ±50mV (for 10 VDC output).
**Span (Full Scale) output factory set to within ±25mV (for 5 VDC output) or ±50mV (for 10 VDC
Electrical Data
Circuit 2-Wire
Output* 4 to 20 mA**
External Load 0 to 800 ohms
Minimum supply voltage (VDC) = 10 + 0.02 x (Resistance of receiver plus line)
Maximum supply voltage (VDC) = 30 + 0.004 x (Resistance of receiver plus line)
*Calibrated at factory with a 24 VDC loop supply voltage and a 250 ohm load.
**Zero output factory set to within ±.08mA.
**Span (Full Scale) output factory set to within ±.08mA.
Pressure Media
Liquids or gases compatible with 316L Stainless Steel
Note: Specification are Subject to change without notice.

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