Multisensor Fire Detector – OTblue


Multisensor with integrated optical detector and heat detector. The optical measurement chamber is provided with a newly developed sensor technology; it uses blue light enabling the detection of open fires, smouldering fires and fires with high heat generation. Especially for open fires, the classical ionisation technology implemented in ionisation detectors is replaced by the new detection OTBlue technology.

OTblue should be used to protect objects where it is able to detect open fires, early smouldering fires and fires with high heat generation and such objects may be:

  • High Voltage switch gear which has high energy potential and may possibly cause flaming fire.
    Such fires will initially produce a large amount of invisible smoke particles that are too small to
    be detected by an IR based optical detector.
  • Entrances areas, garbage containers, psychiatric wards, prisons etc.
  • To prevent arson where fire will almost always start with an open fire.
  • In a practical sense OTblue detector has many of the detection abilities of an Ion detector. With the innovative optical technology, the OTblue detector will replace the use of Ion detector.


• Flat aesthetic design

• Centred 360 deg. alarm

• Separate on-indicator (green LED)

• Detection of a wider smoke spectrum than any other optical IR based detector

• Detecting the smaller particles previously only seen by ionisation detectors

• Processor - controlled decentralize signalprocessing

• Low operation current of approx. 250 μA on average

• Self-adaptation to changing environment

Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice

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