Radar Gantry Commander


isolvGantry Commander Radar Pulse Radar For Continuous Monitoring of Gantry Motion in Port Crane Operations

For many busy ports around the world, it is a challenge to ensure that cargo moves smoothly and safely regardless of weather conditions. Port efficiency demands exceptional performance from a reliable gantry motion monitoring system. The iSOLV Gantry Commander Radar meets or exceeds the requirements.

The iSOLV Gantry Commander Radar is a silent system that continuously calculates the steadily decreasing distance between two opposing cranes down an aisle of containers. It signals to the crane’s controller circuitry, and alerts the moving crane to reduce its speed and to eventually come to a complete stop.

Measuring Principle

The iSOLV Gantry Commander Radar System uses microwave signals emitted by the antenna on the radar instrument, which is than reflected from the target crane being monitored. The signals are processed using time lapse between pulse emission and reception, hence determining the distance from the radar instrument to the target crane. The measured distance is compared to the programmed set points to determine the relays to be switched. Radar Gantry Commander also provides individual analog output for continuous monitoring of crane movement.

The iSOLV Gantry Commander Radar has adopted 26GHz as transmission frequency for its small beam angle and high ability of anti-jamming, thus enhancing the reliability and accuracy of the system.

  • All Weather Conditions Will not be affected by heavy rain or strong wind.
  • Silent Operation No concern about noise pollution.
  • No Cross Talk Issue Radar transducer does not require the need for special signal filtering techniques when covering the crane’s forward and rearward motion.
  • Relay Output Configuration Ability to offer a variety of control options, which can be configured to operate in series with 4 relays or in parallel with 8 relays.
  • Analog Output (4-20mA) mA output available for continuous monitoring of crane movement.
  • Program Setting It comes pre-programmed, using data from field tested and operational cranes at existing port facilities.
  • Power Supply Universal power supply 85 – 264VAC 50/60Hz

Equipped with advanced microprocessor and unique signal processing technology, it is able to offer higher reliabilty and accuracy of response,
therefore providing a higher level of confidence in the crane distance detection system.

The microprocessor-based system is completely field programmable via touch screen display.

The measured distance within the operating range is used to program set points for alarm/control of
relay switching contacts.

The analog output in terms of current (4-20mA) is used for continuous monitoring of crane movement.

iSOLV Radar Gantry Commander utilises low emission power radar instrument capable of measuring distances up to 80m.

Number of instrument 2 (26 GHz)
Range 80m max
Beam Angle 5 degrees
Operating Temperature -40ºC to +80ºC
Body & Enclosure Material SS 304
Mounting Bracket Steel with epoxy powder coating
Length of transducer 1230mm
Ingress Protection IP66

Mode of Operation Crane to crane distance measurement
Electronic frequency 26 GHz
Display Alpha-numeric and graphical
Electronic Accuracy ±0.25% of maximum measured distance
Programming Via touch screen display
Relay Output 2 x 4 switch contacts (SPDT), rated 1A @ 250 VAC non inductive
Analog Output 2 x 4 - 20mA
Operating Voltage 85 to 264 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Operating Temperature -20ºC to +60ºC
Ingress Protection IP55
Wall Mounted Enclosure 290mm (H) x 210mm (W) x 102mm (D) - Die cast Aluminum with
epoxy coating

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