Saunders Body Refractometer – PR23W


kpatentsAn all-purpose refractometer for large pipe and vessel installations. Installation through a flange or a clamp connection. Area classification Zone 2 (Class I, Div. 2); Intrinsically safe process refractometer PR-23-GP-IA Area classification Zone 0 and Zone 1.

  • Comes with a Saunders (DIAPHRAGM) valve body and can be mounted either in a
    vertical or horizontal pipe.
  • Saunders body material is graphite cast iron, which provides a solid mechanical base.
  • PFA-lining ensures the chemical resistance.
  • Sensor wetted parts materials are Spinel or Sapphire (prism), PTFE (prism gasket),
    PVDF or PTFE (Teflon®).
  • Sensor cover is stainless steel AISI 316L
  • Digital sensing technology, even large amounts of suspended solids, bubbles or Color changes do
    not affect the measurement or the curacy.
  • Chlor-Alkali Industry
  • Corrosive Chemicals
  • Ultra Pure Fine Chemicals
  • Semiconductor Industry and Electro-Chemicals
  • Acetic acid CH3COOH, Ammonium fluoride NH4F, Ammonium hydroxide NH4OH, Ammonium
    sulphate (NH4)2SO4
  • Calsium hypochlorite Ca(ClO)2, Copper chloride CuCl2, Citric acid C6H8O7, Chromic acid CrO3
    Ferric chloride FeCl2, Fluosilic acid, Formic acid HCO2H
  • Hydrochloric acid HCl, Hydrofluoric acid HF, Hydrogen peroxide H2O2, Buffered HF
    (BHF), Aqua Regia HNO3/HCl
  • Lactic acid C2H4(OH)COOH
  • Magnesium chloride MgCl2, Nickel chloride NiCl2, Nitric acid HNO3
  • Phosphoric acid H3PO4, Potassium carbonate K2CO3 · 11/2 H2O, Potassium hydroxide KOH,
    Potassium thiocyanate KSCN, Potassium nitrate KNO3
  • Sodium bicarbonate NaHCO3, Sodium carbonate Na2CO3, Sodium chloride NaCl, Sodium
    dichromate Na2Cr2O7 · 2H2O, Sodium hydroxide NaOH, Sodium hypochlorite NaClO2, Sulphuric
    acid H2SO4 and more.
Technical Details
Refractive Index Range (Standard) StandardFull range, nD=1.3200...1.5300 (corresponds to 0...100% b.w.), spinel prism
Refractive Index Range (Option) nD=1.2600...1.5000, sapphire prism
Accuracy R.I. ± 0.0002 (corresponds typically to
± 0.1% b.w.).
Repeatability and stability correspond to accuracy
Speed of Response 1s undamped, damping time selectable up to
5 min
Patented CORE-optics No mechanical adjustments and
digital measurement with 3648 pixel CCD element,
589 wavelength sodium D-line light emitting diode (LED),
built-in Pt-1000 temperature sensor
(linearization according to IEC 751)
Temperature Compensation Automatic, digital compensation
Instrument Verification With standard R.I. liquids and K-Patents
documented procedure (ISO 9000)
Ambient Temperature Sensor: min. -20°C (-4°F), max. 45°C (113°F)
Indicating transmitter: min. 0°C (32°F),
max. 50°C (122 °F)
Sensor Housing AISI 316 L stainless steel sensor cover
Sensor Protection Class IP67, Nema 4
Exproof Exproof by purging
Patents US Patents US6067151 and US6760098B2,
German Patent DE19855218
Sensor PR-23-W Process connection with PFA
(Fluorinated ethylene propylene) lined Saunders
(diaphragm) valve body 2", 3" or 4";
valve body material Graphite cast iron
Saunders Body Process
DIN-flange DN50 PN 16/DIN-flange
DN80 PN 16/DIN-flange DN100 PN 16/
ANSI-flange 4" 150 lbs/ANSI-flange 3"
150 lbs/ANSI-flange 2" 150 lbs
Sensor Wetted Parts Teflon® PTFE, prism gasket Teflon® PTFE,
prism spinel or sapphire,
O-ring Kalrez, adaptor sapphire
Sensor Weight With 2" Saunders body 15 kg (33 lbs)/3" 26 kg (57 lbs)/4" 33 kg (73 lbs) Process pressure: max. 10 bar (145 psi)
Process Pressure Max. 10 bar (145 psi)
Sensor PR-23-M Process connection with Thread G1/2" (F) or Thread NPT 1/2" (F)
Sensor Wetted Parts Teflon® PTFE or Kynar® PVDF, prism gasket Teflon®, prism spinel (standard),
O-ring Kalrez, adaptor sapphire
Sensor Weight 5.5 kg (12 lbs)
Indicating Transmitter DTR
Display 320x240 pixel graphical LCD with LED backlight,
keypad with 8 membrane keys
Current Output Two independent current outputs, 4-20 mA, max. load 1000 Ohm,
galvanic isolation 1500 VDC or AC (peak),
hold function during prism wash
Ethernet Connection Two independent current outputs, 4-20 mA, max. load 1000 Ohm,
galvanic isolation 1500 VDC or AC (peak),
hold function during prism wash
Power AC input 100-240 VAC/50-60 Hz, optional 24 VDC, 30 VA
Alarms / Wash Relays Two built-in signal relays, max. 250 V/3 A
Sensor Connectivity One or two sensors can be connected to one DTR.
Sensors independent with own
parameter sets and usable in different applications.
Two current outputs configurable
independently to indicate process concentration or
temperature of either sensor.
Indicating Transmitter Weight 4.5 kg (10 lbs)
Transmitter Protection Class Enclosure IP66, Nema 4X
Interconnecting Cable Standard 10 m (33 ft), max. 200 m (660 ft)
Options Cable fittings to Indicating transmitter
European cable glands M20x1.5 or US conduit hubs
Note: Specification are subject to change without notice.

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