Avi-Mag – Insertion Flowmeter


The AVI-MAG™ is a hot tap full profi le electromagnetic insertion flow meter. The measurement method is based on Faraday’s Law of Electromagnetic Induction: when a conductive liquid moves through a magnetic field, it produces a voltage. The voltage is directly proportional to the velocity of the conductive medium.

The AVI-MAG™ has multiple electrode pairs placed along the axis of the sensor at equal area of the pipe. The velocity measurements are averaged together providing the average velocity across the pipe. Flow is calculated by multiplying the average velocity by the cross-sectional area of the pipe.

The specific design of the multi-electrode sensor compensates for variable fl ow profi les, including swirl and turbulent conditions.

The electrodes are placed at equal area of the pipe across the sensor body to reach an excellent accuracy:

The AVI-MAG™ is intended for the measurement of the water and conductive liquids which are not loaded with fi brous contamination such as: potable water, cooling or process water.

Full pipe electromagnetic averaging insertion flow meter

The AVI-MAG™ can be installed without shutting down, emptying or cutting the pipe (hot tap installation). It does not require welding fl anges and installation can be done in pressurized pipelines up to 16 bar.

Cost of installation is largely reduced by eliminating the need for heavy equipment (cranes, etc.) or extensive manpower. The AVI-MAG™ is the most economical flow metering solution for medium and large pipe sensor sizes, reducing drastically installation costs.

The AVI-MAG™ fits in confi ned spaces, can be submerged and offers complete accessibility. It can be removed from pipes under pressure for easy inspection, cleaning, calibration or verification and reinstalled without process interruption. It is particularly cost-effective for retrofi t applications.

The AVI-MAG™ comes in 2 different sizes in order to be used with 1,5“ or 2” ball valves. The 1,5” AVI-MAGTM is available for pipe sizes ranging from DN100 up to DN1500. The 2” AVI-MAGTM is available for pipe sizes ranging from DN500 up to DN2500. For larger pipe sizes, please contact FLOW-TRONIC.

The maximum number of coils and electrodes will depend on the pipe inside diameter: the bigger the pipe diameter, the more electrodes will be placed along the sensor.


Municipal water

  • Raw intake water
  • Plant process
    • Chemical Pacing
    • Filter Balancing
    • Plant Balancing
    • Backwashing
  • Distribution
    • Billing
    • Storage Management
    • Pump Station Management

Retrofit applications

  • Replacement of unsatisfactory flow meters
    • Pitot Tube
    • Propeller
    • Single point velocity meter
    • Differential pressure meter
    • Full bore mag meters

Retrofit applications

  • Cooling Water
  • Chilled Water
  • Power Plants

Retrofit applications

  • Raw river
  • Cooling water
  • Process control
  • Portable water mains
  • Subsea applications
  • Non-ragging effluent
  • Large diameter pipework
  • Special designs to fi t inside pipes without external access
  • Replacement of spool pieces without interrupting flow