F.E.D for Pig Farming Application


Clean water is often neglected but a basic condition for good production results without stress of infections. Most of the pig producers are not aware of the persistent water contamination caused by bio-film deposited on the pipelines. Pipe systems are frequently covered from inside with a film of organic material that the living environment is for bacteria and moulds (germinate or micro-organism). Especially long and older pipe systems are vulnerable to pathogens and pollution. F.E.D system uses Electro-chemical Activation (ECA) to generate on-site, cleaning, disinfecting and sterilizing solutions out of 0.05%-1.0% salt brine (NaCl). The units electrolyze the salt water and, and using polymer or ceramic membranes, separate the positive and negative ions. The purpose is to control and eliminate pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, spores, mold and fungi. Anoline solution is more than an effective and broad-spectrum disinfectant. F.E.D is proven to be effective against stubborn biofilm deposition. By removing bio-film deposit on water pipelines, immediate and effective control of water-borne diseases can be achieved.


Sustained Water Cleanliness

Dosing Anoline into drinking water and achieve removal of bio-film build-up within waterlines and eliminate algae. Water will be free of bacteria, moulds, viruses, spores and parasites, results in immediate and effective control of water-borne diseases.


Air Purification

Dry fogging of Anoline in barns aids in the control of dust, airborne pathogens and viruses such as PRRS and Mycoplasma. Smells and ammonia are significantly reduced. Subsequent improvement in lung health will be achieved.

Diarrhea Treatment

Bacterial action has been proved on field strains of E-coli, Pseudomonas, Staphylococcus, Cryptosporidiosis and Salmonella.

Wound Care

Spray Anoline directly following castration, after tail docking and on areas of concern to effectively disinfect and cleanse.

F.E.D Anoline solution can be used for disinfection on wound.
Anoline is safe, non-toxic to human and do not irritates the skin.

Weight Gain

Treatment of Anoline solution has proven to better improve the weight gain of piglets and weaner. In a joint research project we have done in Guangxi, China, treatment of water is done throughout the entire growth process of the pigs. Results showed that there is about 10% in daily weight gain of both piglets and weaner suggesting that Anoline treatment is an effective to enhance production parameters

Maternity Barn # Piglets New born weight (kg) Weight by weaner date (kg) Daily Weight Gain (g/day)
Reference Barn 304 1.41 5.80 208.90
Feed Supplier A 301 1.40 7.02 224.88
F.E.D Barn 1 332 1.40 6.08 222.86
F.E.D Barn 2 354 1.41 6.22 229.27

Daily weight gain of piglets during F.E.D treatment, comparing against reference barn.

Weaner Barn # Weaners Average Initial Weight (kg) Average Final Weight (kg) Daily Weight Gain (g/day)
Reference Barn 308 7.55 24.73 381.68
F.E.D Barn 305 7.56 26.16 422.71

Daily weight gain of weaner during F.E.D treatment, comparing against reference barn.

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