About Flotech Controls

Flotech is a regional solutions provider for process instrumentation and automation with sales and service offices in Singapore, Jakarta (Indonesia), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and Shanghai (China). Established in 1982, Flotech has attained recognition over the years as a reliable customer-oriented vendor.

We provide industrial process solutions, high quality process measurement, process control, and monitoring solutions in flow, level, temperature, pressure, analytical, concentration, process vision, etc. We also offer system solutions in marine/ offshore, water/ wastewater, semiconductor, power, oil refining, chemical & petrochemical, pulp & paper, etc. Our control & communication solutions include SCADA, wireless, fieldbus, etc.


Our History

1982 – Flotech Controls was founded
Flotech represented several manufacturers for Flow, Level, Analytical, etc. instruments for Process Measurement.

1994 – SAC-Singlas Certification

1995 – ISO 9000 Certification

2000 – System Integration
Flotech started making systems. SCADA for water works, port-crane control and industrial control systems.

2003 – The birth of iSOLV. Flotech Controls’ proprietary brand
iSOLV became the brand for a line of products used for Flow, Level and others for Process Control and Instrumentation.

2005 – Flotech Marine Solutions
Flotech started making systems for remote valve control, fuel oil management, water/wastewater treatment for oil rigs and FPSO.

2008 – Flotech Water Solutions
Flotech tackled challenges in cooling tower management systems, on-site hypochlorite generation, and others.

2011 – BizSAFE Certification

2011 – ABS Certification

2013 – SGBC Certification

2013 – ISO 14001 Certification

2015 – OHSAS 18001 Certification

2016 – IECEx Certification

2016 – ATEX Certification

Regional Presence


iso-9001-2015-approval iso-14001-2015-approval bizsafe-approvalsac-singlas-approval