Ozone Disinfection (Microplasma Technology)


Microplasma Technology for Ozone Disinfection

Ozone, a molecule comprising three oxygen atoms, is aggressive against microscopic pathogens in water that are resistant to conventional disinfectants.

FC-Ozone Generator offer microplasma technology which greatly reduces cost and weight. Extensive tests show the generators to be as efficient as the best conventional systems available but with a 10x reduction in size and weight.

FC-Ozone Generator is designed to deliver the precise dosage of ozone that is required to disinfect a given amount of water. Any unused ozone is automatically converted back to benign, atmospheric oxygen.

✓  Low-cost ozone generator chip is smaller, lighter with comparable performance, longer lifetime
✓  Smaller footprint and are lighter for the same specifications
✓  Scalable from small to very large applications by adding more ozone chips
✓  Serviceable in the field


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Ozone Disinfection (Microplasma Technology)