Reverse Osmosis – Fresh Water Generator



Reverse Osmosis Process
The desire for fresh drinking water in parts of the world where only seawater is available, has led to the growth of a blossoming desalination industry over the last 40 years. Desalination is a separation process used to reduce the dissolved salt content of saline water to a drinkable level. There are several different techniques that can be applied for water desalination. One of them is Reverse osmosis (R.O.). Reverse Osmosis though is the most cost effective one. Over the last years, large improvements in membranes have led to greater efficiencies and reduced energy consumption.

ALIOS EVO Fresh Water Generator R.O. System
ALIOS EVO is able to produce reliable fresh water from the desalination of sea or brackish water. The system can be configured (skid or loose mounted) with variable features in order to meet any customer requirements.


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Reverse Osmosis – Fresh Water Generator