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Marine Ballast Water Treatment System

ballast water treatment filter

Ballast Water Treatment System - With the introduction of IMO's Ballast Water Management Convention, BWTS is required to be installed on all vessels to prevent aquatic bio-invasions. Flotech offers IMO type approved BWTS that utilise reliable and cost effective technologies to disinfect marine organism during ballasting and de-ballasting operations. We are able to provide competitive viable solutions to satisfy the space and power consumption constraint to the existing and new built vessels.

With due consideration that every Ballast Water Treatment System has its pros and cons as shown in the comparison table below, Flotech will like to know more with regards to your requirement as to better propose a suitable system for installation.

Disinfection Method Comparison Ultraviolet Radiation Chlorine Generation Ozone Generation Oxygen Removal Chemical Apply
Method Physical Chemical Chemical Suffocation Chemical
Pretreatment Yes Yes/No No No Yes/No
Operation cost Medium Low High High High
Maintenance cost Low Medium High Low Low
Maintenance frequency Low Medium High Low Low
Disinfection performance Excellent Good Unpredictable Unpredictable Good
Contact time 1-5 seconds 15-45 min. 5-10 min. 48-96 hours 15-180 min.
Toxic chemicals No Yes Yes No Yes
Water chemistry changes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Immediate discharge Yes No No No No

• Cruise Ships
• Oil Tankers
• Ferries
• Container Ships
• Offshore Platforms
• Retrofit Projects
• Ro-Ro’s
• And Many Other Ship Platforms

To be customized.

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