BTU Meter

iSOLV BTU Measurement System is used to measure individual energy consumption in any liquid heating/cooling systems. This system is also used to measure performance of energy saving system or the loss of efficiency which is directly tied to loss of revenue.

The iSOLV BTU Measurement System is supplied complete with temperature probes and will interface with a wide range of flowmeters, including positive displacement and inferential water meters, magnetic flowmeters with pulse outputs, turbine and paddle wheel flowmeters.

The system real-time detects the temperature of supply and return pipe. It also monitors the instantaneous flow rate according to Heat Exchange of Thermodynamics principle. The iSOLV BTU meter automatically integrates energy consumption and transfers it to the computer. The consumption volume can be checked by a tenant or operator with no worries. It provides real time information such as instantaneous temperature, flow rate, energy consumption, and others. It can also provide historical data with bar chart.

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