Water Disinfection System

Electro-Chemical Activation Technology for Hypochlorous Acid Production

  • Proven – Disinfection applications requiring residuals effects.
  • Effective – Against all known bacteria, viruses, fungi, spores and microbial toxins.
  • Safe – Salt, water and electricity are used to generate the safe solution. The solutions do not burn or irritate and have no side effects even if consumed in undiluted state.

Project Reference List

  • Henritex Malayia – Water Disinfection Treatment for Entire Layer Farm
  • Pokka – Cooling Tower Maintenance System
  • Capital Tower – Cooling Tower Maintenance System
  • Hotel Jen Tanglin – Cooling Tower Maintenance System
  • PDAM Barito Kuala Indonesia – FED 40 System
  • PDAM Hulu Sungai Tengah Indonesia – FED 600 System
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