Wet Chemical Process

Wet Chemical Process


Wet Chemical Process

The K-Patents Semicon Refractometers PR-33-S/-23-MS are designed for real-time concentration monitoring of wet chemicals used in the silicon wafer fabrication. The K-Patents refractometer provides a continuous measurement signal (4-20 mA or Ethernet output), which offers many possibilities for real-time monitoring and process controlling. Due to the unique digital measurement principle there is no signal drift.

The main benefit of the real-time monitoring with the K-Patents refractometer is the potential yield improvement in the form of increased wafer throughput. This is achieved through extended bathlife and the optimization of chemical consumption. The exact chemical flow depends on bath chemistry and sequence, chemical concentration, cleaning time and temperature. The purpose is to process more wafers with an optimized chemical volume and to minimize equipment down times in the entire wafer handling process.

Certain wet chemical process require a separate disposal system. The waste streams are typically not amenable to internal recycling or reuse. Consequently, both economical and environmental savings in the waste chemical process treatment can be achieved with the optimized use of chemicals.

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